3 Apps to Help You Grow Closer to God

Today I present you with three IOS apps that I use almost daily in my quiet times, in-depth Bible study, and sermon preparation. I have tried a lot of different Bible and prayer apps over the years, but most of them I end up deleting at some point. These three have stood the test of time (so far).

Blue Letter Bible

blue letter bible app

This is hands down my favorite Bible app for several reasons. First, the app is free to download. Second, it has wonderful study tools built-in to help you dig deeper into the Word of God. I particularly like the interlinear/concordance feature, especially when I am doing a word study. Also, with a WiFi connection you have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of sermons, commentary, and teaching about any verse you click on. Finally, the developers have even included several different Bible reading plans for you to use. You can easily keep track of what you have read by checking each chapter off as you go. Whether you are a new Christian or a Bible scholar, the Blue Letter Bible App will bless you as you seek to study and know God’s Word.

Prayer Prompter

prayer prompter app

This next prayer app was really an answered prayer within itself. Before I discovered it, I had been praying that God would help me become more consistent in my prayer life and that I would become more committed to praying for others. Shortly after, I came across this incredible app. Let me preface this by saying that this app is not intended to be flashy, so don’t let the aesthetics turn you off from it. The developers describe the app as a two drawer filing cabinet. The top drawer is for “Meditation and Prayer” of God’s Word. Each day the app will generate a list of Bible verses and quotes from great theologians to help you fix the position of your heart towards God. The bottom drawer is labeled “Petition/Intercession” for praying about specific needs and/or people. This is where you can jot down prayer requests as you hear them. Like the top drawer, the app will generate a “mix” of prayer requests and concerns each day. It is also allows you to set you frequently you would like to pray for a specific topic. Needless to say, the Prayer Prompter App is a tremendous resource and tool that will help anyone develop a stronger prayer life.


navs scripture memory app

Many of you have probably heard of the Navigators Topical Memory System for memorizing Scripture, but did you know that they have an app? Recently, some of my family decided we would all work on memorizing more of God’s Word this year, so we all downloaded this app. Unlike the other two apps, this one is not free; however, I definitely a good investment if you are serious about memorizing Scripture. For those of you who are not familiar with the Topical Memory System, basically every verse that you memorize is linked to a specific topic. The idea is that in the future when someone asks you about obedience to Christ, for example, you have specific verses to point to. The Navigators Topical Memory System is a tried and true system that has helped so many Christians grow in their relationship with the Lord over the years.


Well, there you have folks, 3 Apps to Help You Grow Closer to God. I hope they bless you the way they have blessed me. What apps do you like to use? I would love to hear what has aided you in your pursuit of knowing God and His Word better.

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