Like Books on a Shelf

As I sit here in my living room in front of our bookshelf, I am reminded of all of the books I have said I am going read, yet have never taken the time to even read the first page. They remain untouched, and I’m convinced, without fear of ever being used at this point. I suppose they have become quite comfortable up there on the shelf, I mean, it looks nice and cozy to me. In many ways, it seems like somewhat of a peaceful existence–to never have anything demanded or expected of you.

I find that this is how many American Christians live their lives. Day after day, we remain comfortable there on the shelf, surrounded by others who make us feel “nice and cozy.” Sure, we have been cataloged into the family of God; we are in the right place. But, are we fulfilling our purpose as living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2)? We bear witness to God’s power to save and transform lives. We, as new creatures in Christ, all have a story to tell.

In fact, we have been called to be different from the “other books” we are accustomed to. These books might be more popular in the world’s eyes, but in the end, they have no hope to offer in this life or the life to come. As Christians, we don’t wait to be “checked out of the library” or for people to get around to reading us. We jump off the shelves and preach the message that is inside of us to whomever will listen. Imagine a book that is so excited to share its contents that it cannot, for lack of a better term,  shut up.

Jesus is calling us off of the shelves, brothers and sisters, and into the hands of the lost. There is a possibility that we may be discarded or even ripped to shreds. But know this: the world can destroy our outside covers, but it will never change the truth of what God has done within us. Ultimately, it is God’s Word, not ours, that the world truly rejects. May this encourage you as you seek to serve the Author of Salvation wherever you are.


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